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Go India Day is an opportunity to hear from local Indian investors and experts in individual consultations. It helps companies understand how to bring their business to the Indian market, dive deeper into important issues, ask any questions they have and expand their network through individual 30-minute consultations.

For entrepreneurs who are:

  • Starting an international project
  • Bringing a startup to the international market
  • Planning to scale a mature business

 The projects for individual 30-minute consultations will be selected on the basis of following criteria:

  • HR-tech or EdTech
  • Finished products
  • Products that have already been localized in English
  • Projects that are already on the market 


  • Shailendra Dhakad, Co-Founder at Codeyoung
  • Manak Gulati, Founder & CEO at Notesgen 
  • Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder at Xoxoday
  • Siddharthan VGJ. Founder at Pewple Technologies Private Limited
  • Arun Gupta,  EnKash

Apply now to join Go India Day. Facilities for individual 30-minute consultation are provided for the successful candidates. You will be informed of the decision by e-mail as your request has been processed. Successful candidates will find out about the meeting schedule on 17 June.


HR&ED-tech is an early-stage venture fund primarily focused on HR-tech & EdTech. We help portfolio companies refine product, build partnerships and scale across geographies. 


754 дня назад
21 июня 2022 15:30–17:30

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